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 What? Two-Time Book Award Winner?

I opened the email and had to read it twice: “Congratulations. We are proud to announce that your book Aggressively Human has been selected as a 2024 PenCraft Book Award winner in the Nonfiction Memoir genre. This award recognizes books of remarkable literary quality, artistic excellence, and popularity with readers.”

Then came the 2024 Firebird Book Award, and I was floored.


When I decided to write Aggressively Human, I began the following day, on January 8, 2022, to be exact. There was no analysis paralysis; I was all in. Reheating my coffee and buckling down on the patio to start with the story of making the Cowboys, it flowed from there to my abrupt trade to the Colts, and on it went. I took it in bite-size portions, with each session focused on an experience that shaped me, made me laugh, or (believe it or not) cry. Some came quickly, flowing like water; others were a frustrating slog of misused words and underdeveloped descriptions. That’s where the rinse-and-repeat editing cycle worked its magic in the form of Lizzy Wright, the yang to my yin. At the start, the theme was less obvious to me than to Lizzy, but in time, it jumped off the pages of the second draft. The journey of navigating aggression and empathy was important to me and applicable to others, as anger and rage spread like wildfire in today’s climate.


Eight months after I embarked on this writing journey, a publishing deal came my way. And after another nine months of anticipation, my creation was born. The feeling of holding the hard copy in my hands was indescribable, a mix of pride and disbelief. And then, the shock of seeing my book listed as the #1 Sports memoir on Amazon for a significant period of time. It was a testament to the power of storytelling and the support of readers like you.


But the journey didn't end with the book's publication. It was just the beginning of a new chapter that involved marketing and outreach to share my thoughts with anyone who would listen. And thanks to you, this part of the process has been a joy, a chance to reconnect with old friends and make new ones who appreciate my message. Your support has been invaluable, and I'm truly grateful for it.


If Aggressively Human resonates with you in any way, I would greatly appreciate a review on Amazon via this link: (It doesn’t matter where you bought it; you can still leave a review there.) This will keep the algorithms happy and increase visibility. You are much appreciated!


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How wonderful to keep getting such positive feedback on your excellent book, Steve! There's so much to take from your experiences, and remembering you well from your days in my classroom made following your journey so much more rewarding. Everyone needs to read your book! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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