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Raiders Teammate Bo Jackson

I played right tackle for many of Bo’s astonishing runs, including a ninety-one-yarder in Seattle and an eighty-eight-yarder at the Colosseum. But after witnessing so many of these untouchable sprints, we started ribbing him about running to avoid contact. When are you going to hit someone and run them over? Players would ask, and I could sense the pressure building.

The next week, we hosted the Denver Broncos. On third and long, Bo blew through the line with only Mike Harden between him and six points. Normally Bo would hit another gear and fly by, but instead, he put his head down and barreled over Harden. He offered up one of the most brutal hit-and-runs I had ever witnessed.

Harden was tough, but no one could stop the bullet train. Harden landed on his ass and then his back as Bo planted one foot on his chest and never broke stride. Even Bo seemed to enjoy the demolition work as he strutted the sideline. He relished giving shit back our way with a huge grin. We all discovered that apparently Bo knows steamrollers, too, and he got the last laugh.

More on this story and others in my forthcoming memoir, Aggressively Human, to be released on all platforms in November 2023.


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