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Progress on a Grand Scale

Imagine what collective mastery of our darkness and light could mean for the world. Shared empathy, paired with action, is already propelling us in the right direction as this next generation makes meaningful progress. They combine their compassion with innovative thinking, employing technology to garner attention and establish new solutions. They freely challenge conventional truisms and boldly step outside the lines. Unlike those before them, they are not constrained by the assembly line and groupthink. I am convinced they will be our salvation.

Driven by their commitment, I am excited to see positive environmental solutions gaining mainstream attention, with progress occurring at a faster pace than ever before. Much-needed desalination plants are popping up worldwide, with over 18,000 delivering potable water to those in need. Meat production is in decline, reducing environmental hazards with more choosing a plant-based diet. And fortunately, solar and wind energy are finding their footing. It has become part of the global consciousness to do more to save the planet. This gives me hope that someday an individual’s small carbon footprint will be more of a status symbol than any product.

Meanwhile, young activists are using wide-ranging platforms to speak out and raise awareness of social injustices that require visibility and steadfast dedication to change. Their grit, determination, and sacrifice are moving the needle on race, gender, and sexual orientation. Company boards are changing; sports participation is broadening, and conventional norms about gender are expanding while exclusionary policies gather dust. We are all 99.9% genetically identical. Why let artificial divisions persist?

While there is much more to do, this next generation is relentlessly committed. I share in their dedication and will never stop striving to be aggressively human. Because, as Desmond Tutu wisely explained, “My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.”

More on this topic and others in my forthcoming memoir, Aggressively Human, to be released on all platforms in November 2023.


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