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Letting Go: My Path To Minimalism

Letting go does not just apply to people; it has included decluttering my whole environment to eliminate negativity and create more space for joy. For example, do I need a new computer, or do I just want the latest and greatest model? I run everything through this assessment, from buying a home to cars, pets, and even my clothes, and I make sure that need rules the day.

It sounds simple, but in practice, it involves some trade-offs, self-discipline, and disregard for status considerations. I rent a 700-square-foot apartment with only the bare minimum of furniture because I need a place to live, but I also love to travel and detest home maintenance.

While there are advantages to home ownership, I decided that some things are more important than money. As Plato asserted, “the greatest wealth is to live content with little.”

So, when you see a big guy driving around Malibu in an old BMW wearing swim trunks and beat-up old sunglasses with a big smile on his face, there is a good chance that it is me.

More on this topic and many others in my memoir, Aggressively Human, available here: Amazon: Aggressively Human. You can also request personalized copies available via

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