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Battling a Former Teammate

I loved playing the Cowboys on their home turf. I never held a grudge, but I wanted them to see what they gave away. While I was properly motivated, I still had to contend with the bonds that persisted with some old Cowboys teammates. One in particular, outside linebacker Jeff Rohrer, was a good buddy who was my responsibility during a match-up. We handled the battle like professionals: team first, friendship second.

But midway through the game, a brawl broke out. Joining the fight was a must as neither of us could afford the laser pointing at us during Monday morning’s film critique. We had to be seen punching each other and protecting our guys, justified or not. So, I grabbed Jeff, and we did it up for the cameras. It was an ad-libbed WWE wrestling match as we threw fake haymakers. Then we dropped to the ground and started to catch up about life while appearing like angry elk with locked horns.

“Come out to the lot for a beer before you take off,” Jeff grunted during our two-man melee while I nodded before the referees broke up the fight and Jeff and I went back to work.

Just as I suspected, the fight was scrutinized during the film review session that Monday morning. As the coaches dissected the penalty and ensuing scrum, they circled a few guys who avoided the fight. Then my offensive line coach pointed me out, rolling around on the ground and punching Jeff.

“Look at Wright, that’s how it’s done,” Coach said pointing in my direction.

I just smiled and nodded. If they only knew.

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John Benton
John Benton
Oct 08, 2023

Love it !

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