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Aggressively Human: An Amazon #1 New Release

The success of Aggressively Human blew me away as a #1 New Release on Amazon when it launched on November 7th. Truth be told, I didn't even check the rankings that morning. I went about my daily rituals of stretching, meditation, coffee, and mental exercise through the Elevate app. Then, my publisher contacted me mid-morning to share the news about the success.

Never in a million years did I imagine this outcome. Your support made it all possible. Opening my social media each morning is a gift, full of likes, comments, and direct messages from new and old friends. I wish that you could see the smile on my face as I hear about someone's reaction to Aggressively Human or read a note from an old classmate to share in a laugh.

And then there are teachers (elementary, high school, and college) and business contacts who came back into my life since publication. As for former teammates, the connections are deeper and even broader with guys like Todd Marinovich, Howard Richards, Brian Baldinger, Nick Lowery, Riki Ellison, Jeff Jaeger, and Mike Sherrad now on my phone and social media. You all make my life richer and more meaningful.

My gratitude cup is full.

This morning, in just a few hours, I will hold a virtual launch party over Zoom to share stories from the field, locker room and life. If you can spare the time pre-game, I'd love for you to join me to hear about my time working beside some of the greats, including Bo Jackson, Howie Long, Marcus Allen, Eric Dickerson, and Tony Dorsett.

Here are the details:

TODAY, Sunday, November 19th

9:30 AM PST / 11:30 AM CST / 12:30 PM EST

Please join me at the following Zoom link:

What's in store:

  • Q&A

  • Test your NFL knowledge with some fun trivia

  • Get a chance to win a personalized copy of Aggressively Human

Neil Haley, host of The Neil Haley Show, will be joining us.

Thank you all for bringing so much positivity and joy into my life. I am forever thankful.


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